Immerse yourself in the adventure of “la Cité de la mer” of Cherbourg and explore the secrets of the ocean

At the heart of an old Cherbourg Transatlantic Maritime station. “La Cité de la mer” is a must
visit family tourist site in Normandy. In a full a day of sightseeing, dive into the adventure of man and
the sea. You will discover the emotion of these depths trough the various attractions proposed: The
Redoutable, The Ocean of the future, We walk under the sea, The Titanic, The Great Gallery of Gears
and Men as well as exhibitions around the Battle of Normandy. Entertainments adapted for both
adults and children, no matter the weather.

Board the submarine “Le Redoutable”

Inaugurated in 1967 by General de Gaulle in Cherbourg, Le Redoutable is the world’s largest visitable nuclear submarine. This steel giant weighs 9.500tons and is 128 meters long.
The museum offers an arranged itinerary and a guided audio tour that allows a complete immersion in the bowels of the war machine and presents the incredible living conditions of submariners.

sous-marin le redoutable

Travel the abysses of the ocean

Great news from 2019: The Ocean of the future is a journey that takes you from the surface of the water to the abyssal depths. A fun stroll to do with children thanks to the many interactive spaces. Admire the majestic aquariums among which the 10.70 meters deep abyssal aquarium with several types of Polynesian fish.
Many surprises and discoveries await you, the opportunity to see them with several touch screens offering movies, games and educational applications. A Unique experience on the one hand, this breathtaking scenery visually and on the other, sound listening to these animal species such as whales, iguanas, octopus…
Travel to the heart of the Ocean joined by splendid colors and songs. Also discover their fabulous feedback of the aquanauts. This playful journey reveals the blue planet that must be preserved today.

la cite de la mer l'ocean du futur

Share a virtual dive with your family with the attraction “we walked under the sea”

At the heart of the secret base “Hadale 31”, discover the wealth of the seabed by exploring this immersive journey alongside Captain Glass. A playful and virtual activity through a communication in diving, a confrontation with the world of the abyss, a loss of balance…

A virtual journey of which you will be the heroes.

The last hours of the Titanic

La Cité de la Mer takes you in its museum space completely scenographed to immerse you in the era of the Titanic. Travel the area dedicated to the memorable liner end experience the crossing whether you are in first, second or third class. All embellished with movies, photos or feedback as well as a reconstituted décor of the most important pieces of the liner.
All the exhibition is filled with historical documents that travel the history of European emigration.

cite de la mer fonds marin on a marché sous la mer

Gallery of Machines and Men

Discover the formidable collection of aquatic exploration machines from all over the world and go in search of the deep sea.
The history of each craft is presented as well as its technical details such as the maximum depth of immersion, the number of the crew, the type of craft…From the Fulton Nautilus coming down 10 meters to the Deepsea Challenger over 10 000 meters, they are almost all present. Original submarines or full-scale reconstituted models.

cite de la mer Dans la Grande Galerie des Engins et des Hommes

Relive the first days of the Battle of Normandy

The “Cherbourg 1944” and “Freedom Came from the Sea” exhibits illustrate the human, military and civil hardships experienced in the aftermath of the Liberation. The archives also make it possible to understand the importance of the logistic role of the habour of Cherbourg in the liberation of Europe.

You can also watch the film “20 Days to Cherbourg” which traces the beginning of the Battle of Normandy when the Allies landed at Utah Beach again liberated the harbour of Cherbourg.

Visit the website of La Cité de la mer for more information on the times and prices of your visits. You will also find all the necessary information to access the museum.

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